Water Bowser Distribution System


Team members:

About the Project

During our Agile methods module at University, we were tasked with developing an Oracle APEX based Water Bowser Distribution System. The goal of the project was to work as an Agile SCRUM team planning, researching and developing the app.

Before we started developing the application we assigned roles…

  • I was assigned development
  • Stuart – Organisation
  • Perry – development
  • Drew – Databases

My contribution

Like in many projects, research is key! I started by researching the available tools which will help us manage our work including tasks, who does what and bugs. I suggested using Trello which is a great tool that I was already using to manage my assignments. Whilst Drew set up the Scrum Board, I created a document featuring resources and examples that will help us learn to develop the app, work in a SCRUM team and some motivational material. I uploaded this document to a Shared OneDrive folder I created to store our work on.

As a team, we built up the user stories on a draft word document and later uploaded this to a new tool we found known as Jira which is an online issue and project tracking tool. We later migrated everything from Trello to the new tool. Once this was complete it was time to start planning. I found a couple of similar APEX Apps which we build our inspiration from. Then Perry created a surprisingly good mockup in PowerPoint which we used whilst developing.

Once all planning was complete, it was time to start developing. I started by creating the logos for the team and the application itself. I did this using Adobe Fireworks which is no longer supported. I then proceeded to help my colleagues by creating the relevant tables and forms. Once the first beta version was complete, I tested it to see if I can find any bugs or faults. We reported them to the relevant section on Jira.

Paperwork is important too! so I then focused on the paperwork. I created a user guide explaining all the features and how to use them. I also added help sections such as how to reset your password in case a user forgets their password.