Gustav Holst Trail

2018 Available Here

About the Project

During the second part of the Mobile Web App development module at University, I was tasked with developing an interactive App featuring famous land marks relating to the famous composer Gustav Holst.

The app features a mobile-friendly interface built using JQuery Mobilewhich is ideal for use whilst on the go. Since it’s hosted on a server, it doesn’t need to be downloaded which is great if your phone is low on storage space. It also saves the user from having to download an actual app.

The home page features a interactive Google Map including red markers which represent points of interest relating to Gustav Holst. The markers each feature a photo which I took and facts about the point.

Below the map, the user will find a mobile-friendly navigation bar which directs the user to a map of the Holst Museum in Cheltenham, an information page, Museum contact details and a link to the actual Holst Museum website.

Known Bugs

  • Map issue – For some reason, you have to refresh the page a couple of time for the map to appear. This only happens in some browsers.

Recent changes

  • 2019 – Web App has been taken of the University Servers and uploaded to my server